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See life differently with Best Life

a mobile super-app built by a nonprofit

The Best Life app is the mobile companion to our web software. Best Life is the only health data management app with data syncs, web activity, a bullet journal, a symptom and medication log, a pain tracker, a mood diary, and location-based weather data. 

We were inspired by the quantified self movement to build a secure, sustainable tool that gives the power of data back to everyday people. Bolster your health and decision-making with business-level analytics. Expand your data reach even further by using data takeouts.

Made and managed by a nonprofit. See why this matters so much.

Track anything for yourself and loved ones

See all your data from providers like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and more. Find out what impacts your life whether it’s symptoms, triggers, weather, or activity. 

Or just track things around the property, like home/auto maintenance.

best life app built by nonprofit

Supporting data from these providers

best life app a superapp with environmental data

Your environment and health in a single place

Those who suffer from asthma, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, and other chronic conditions know. Your environment has a dramatic impact on your health. 

See all that in a one app to have higher quality healthcare conversations or just to make better judgment call on your own.

LLIF software use cases are nearly limitless

Give yourself unbiased, personal insights. Empower yourself with free data visual software. Let’s learn the unimaginable without profit-biased incentives. Innovators celebrate new access to their own information.

Achieve data privacy, secured by state-of-the-art security and a Nonprofit business model.

Use the Best Life app for any reason

The Best Life app offers you a single tool with incredibly powerful flexibility. You will never be forced into a feature that limits your tracking. The entire purpose behind the LLIF software, including the Best Life app, is to provide you with a better way to manage your data

See how events influence you and your loved ones and make better decisions with that knowledge.

Underserved communities
Ethnic health, women's health, ethnic women's health, we definitely see some gaps in the current healthcare system that need to be addressed.
Revitalize that retail relationship, remove the middleware.
Using our LLIF foundational software called the Engagement platform, you get to remove the middle-man between you and retail. Choose to engage with businesses and be paid. Spend time in the sun lately? Get some deals on sunscreen. Log migraines? Get relevant, targeted options from the businesses themselves. Not Google.
Benefit everyone instead of the few.
You can choose to anonymously contribute to community insights. Help further global understanding of the impact a pandemic has on activity, of time spent consuming news, rate of headaches near cell phone towers, rate of digestive issues consuming a specific water supply, spread of a disease, negative news impact on sleep, impact of government policies, side effects of medications, and so much more.
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