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Finally, a better way to keep track of what car care has been done and when

Are you ready for the app that makes tracking car care easier? Owning your own car gives you a feeling of independence, but keeping up all the required maintenance for that car can be overwhelming.

A lot goes into maintaining your vehicle, from oil changes to tire rotations to fluid flushes.

Best Life will help you create your personal car care journal as a single digital dashboard. Use this to help you remember service appointments, log costs and expenditures, track trips, and more.

track car care and maintenance with the best life app

Just 12% of technicians reported proper customer maintenance of brake fluid.

Instead of letting your brake fluid absorb water, keep track of this before your brakes fail, and it’s too late.

Supporting data from these providers

Use this all-in-one tool to optimize car care management

Managing multiple vehicles?

Do you have multiple vehicles that you handle maintenance for? Does your family have an electric vehicle and a conventional vehicle that are used at different rates? Do you even remember the last time you changed the air filters?

You will benefit from using Best Life as your car care tracker app.

Car care tracking made easy + mobile.

Best Life will help you create your personal car care journal as a single digital dashboard to help you and your family stay safe in a fully maintained vehicle. Track brake fluid changes, battery servicing, tire replacements, windshield wiper changes, and anything else you do to your car.

Visualize maintenance trends

Feel like your filters have been replaced a lot lately? Know for sure since you have the data.

Ensure accuracy of historical changes

Make sure you don't forget the last time you changes your tires or replaced wipers.

Coordinate car care conveniently

Easily share reliable, accurate data from your tracked logs and car care notes.

Car care is the cornerstone of driver safety

Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is safe to drive and can help prevent malfunctions or breakdowns. Keep your family safe by keeping track of your vehicle and car care! Reliability is critical here, too. Your car is more reliable when it’s properly maintained over time.

Along with being more reliable, a well-maintained vehicle gets more miles out of it. Lasting a long time is an excellent thing if it’s a family vehicle you’re tracking maintenance for.

Improve your vehicle performance with regular maintenance and make sure you have a great resale value with all the records of vehicle maintenance you can keep in the Best Life mobile app.

The best part? This app can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

Track it all in Best Life and improve car care

Start using Best Life as your car care tracking app

track car care and maintenance with the best life app

FAQ about car care using Best Life by LLIF

Using Best Life just for car care tracking? You can probably pass on this! However, if you live where it’s always sunny or rainy it could be helpful information.

The temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and other factors definitely have an impact on your day to day.

Enabling location services lets your diary capture those daily differences.

Using Best Life just for journaling? You can probably pass on this!

Optional only! However, by syncing the Health data that your Apple Health kit or Google Fit already captured, you can see even more trends in your own data.

Once in your Diary, go ahead and tap the bottom menu icon for the little person on their data! Scroll to the Event count graph and tap into it.

In the top-right of each graph you will find the search and filter icon that opens a drawer with the ability to add specific Events on top of the data you’re reviewing.

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