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Your LLIF data use cases are focused on four areas which are using data to improve decisions including family health, accepting an engagement from members or paying businesses, contributing and benefiting from community insights, and better data management. This is the second step of our mission: help us get it off the ground with the Engagement Platform software beta sign up.

Personal decisions get easier, you will have more details on your activities, environment, and metrics than from any other cloud service since we help you collect Facebook, Google (search, news, chrome, fit, etc.), Amazon, and Apple, Netflix, and more coming.

For the platform engagement, you will create better more compatible relationships with members and businesses.

Community insights become clearer, your data can anonymously contribute to a pool so that you can see where you are relative to others like you, contribute to big data learning, and improve policy-making.

Join now and be part of the movement that transforms your data from your Achilles heel into your superpower

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