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Live Learn Innovate Foundation

The people who make us

They lift us up with their experience

With expert advisors to structurally empower the LLIF platform, our members to improve their lives through data driven insights, increase helpful engagement with businesses and like-minded members, and promote community innovation through anonymized data sharing. Our vision is to provide better health, wealth and happiness for all members of this community. They guide us to the best version of ourselves, that way you can benefit from a stable and secure software platform.

With an abundance of worthy causes, picking the Live Learn Innovate Foundation provides multiple organizations founded in health, medicine, environment, legislation, and entertainment with the more fundamental opportunity to overcome digital monopolies. 

You improve all those industries by working with a foundation that inherently reduces the risk of monopolization and coercive control.

Say hello to our board

Our founding board of directors has more than 100 years of technology and business acumen. Our board has started several companies, led sales and marketing teams, run P&L for large businesses, driven corporate acquisitions, been acquired, created new businesses within existing companies, filed patents, and identified promising innovation for investment.

We formed Live Learn Innovate Foundation (LLIF) because we see deficiencies in personal data collection, data analytics, wellness, data privacy, and data governance. We believe that Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF will be transformational to people, communities, and businesses.

jim french founder of data management nonprofit llif
James P. French | Founder

Chairman and founder of the Live Learn Innovate Foundation, Jim is a valued member of our Board of Directors and daily team.

Jim is a lifelong observer, learner, builder, teacher, investor, partner, and philosopher pursuing impactful ways to help.

As a Distinguished System Engineer at Cisco, he repeatedly helped to create and incubate new products and solutions to fill gaps in technology and operations with the goal of helping customer lower, costs, increase agility, reduce risk, and improve experience.

LLIF is a manifestation of that same pursuit for people and businesses.

Supreeth Rao | Digital Advertising Advisor

Supreeth Rao

Supreeth Rao is the Co-founder, Chief Engineer/Technologist at Theom, Inc. His team and him have built a data centric cloud security platform for enterprises. Prior to Theom, Supreeth worked at Cisco, Inc. and was one of the early engineers @ Tetration Analytics. Supreeth joined Tetration from Yahoo!, and has also worked at Philips and Tektronix. Supreeth has worked in the field of distributed data computing and machine learning for many years and has developed multiple formative technologies. He has been an inventor all through his professional career with over 60 US patents and many more pending patent applications. He has contributed to the fields of Cyber Security, Display Advertising (Demand side platform), Search Advertising and Search analytics.

Supreeth believes data will dominate how our experiences and behaviors will be shaped. He is passionate about enabling businesses to harness the power of data in a secure way. When enterprises are in complete control of what data they have and how they are processing the data, they can build on data driven customer/business experiences securely. “Secure cloud” transforming to a “data driven secure cloud” is his current focus.

Supreeth holds a Master’s of Science in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, India and a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from SJCE, Mysore, India. When not thinking about data security, Supreeth spends his time with family, books and classical music.

Brian Gilbert

Board of Directors

Impossibly high-energy

Brian is an entrepreneur with a passion for new ideas, business scaling, and team growth. As Founder/CEO of a security start-up to GM of varying sized entities, Brian gained exposure to both product and GTM across security, networking, cloud/SaaS, and data analytics. He joined Sumo Logic as a part of the acquisition of his security start-up. Brian led the development and ramp of a next generation Cloud SIEM to address new threat surfaces from cloud and digital transformation transitions.

Dave Frampton

Board of Directors

Jack of all trades

A passionate global technology leader with a track record of success in building successful teams, Dave's experience as an in-house Fortune 10 tech leader, a large team leader and individual contributor for tech leaders brings valuable insight to the LLIF board. His familiarity with cyber security, converged compute platforms, networking, proxy and network services, wireless, trade plant, and big data analytics has built a solid foundation for supporting his teams and colleagues.

Paul Lesiak

Principal Engineer

Natural inventor

Paul is motivated, diligent, curious. He absolutely loves to create. Code, build, network, home automation, acorn collectors, all of it. He also makes awesome pizza. Paul loves to create and feel proud of it.

Greet our advisors

In 2015, Jim started discussing the concept of LLIF with his friend and now board member Dave Frampton and his son who suffered from migraines. Dave eventually left their shared employer to start a company FactorChain that offered early detection of IT related security events. Both agreed were harder to identify than human ailments because there was little to no feedback for security events. At least with people, you can record symptoms.

In April 2018, Jim incorporated the Live Learn Innovate Foundation. In June 2018, he applied for our 501c3 status with the help of Raleigh nonprofit attorney Gerry Hancock. Our 501c3 was approved by the IRS in December 2018 and Jim made our first donation.

Yi Xue | Fundraising Advisor

Yi Xue

Soon after graduating from Shanghai Conservatory of music, I arrived on U.S. soil with two suitcases and a few hundred dollars in my pocket. Thus, I began the second chapter of my life, as a foreign student, then an immigrant. I earned a Master of Music in Piano Performance as planned and while continuing onto a doctoral program, I took a left turn into technology, completing a Master of Science at the University of Nebraska. I then began a career in Network and Information Technology
that has lasted for more than 20 years.

After the first seven years working as an engineer, I have spent the next 15 years in increasingly senior leadership positions in high-tech companies, managing as many as 500 people, and a $1.5B professional services portfolio. I have enjoyed building and launching several innovative service offerings and capabilities globally. Looking back, my job satisfaction came from the impact and influence I was able to have on the teams I have led and people I have worked with.

I am a person who is empathetic and intuitive but also logical, rigorous, and results-oriented. I am passionate about addressing challenges and solving problems. I am driven not just to do well, but to do better. I am most inspired when simple act creates a multiplier effect on people around me. After two successful chapters in my career, I’m ready for the third. I want to apply my knowledge, skill set, and passion in different ways. I want to open windows, close gaps, touch lives. Whatever I take on, you can be sure I will pursue it with energy, commitment, and creativity. I won’t let go until I get it done.

Welcome the daily team

In simple terms, a team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common purpose. In the world of small business, teams may be assembled to perform tasks such as developing a marketing plan or finding ways to improve customer service. In reality, what makes one team effective while others are not is a bit more complex.

We know our talented team is one of the more effective kinds.

Kira Beck


Organized and fun-loving

Kira is highly organized, self-motivated, and detail oriented individual that loves a good challenge. She believes that you should approach each day with the mindset of learning something you didn’t know yesterday, having fun while doing it. Always try to be working towards something you are passionate about!

RiAnn Bradshaw


To brighter futures

RiAnn Bradshaw is a versatile marketing specialist with LLIF to help drive the overall brand presence. With years of branding experience for multiple industries and entities, this role with Live Learn Innovate Foundation is among the most rewarding. She believes the LLIF mission is a trustworthy approach to teaching community members about the value of their digital data. RiAnn holds a baccalaureate degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona.

Soham Pai Kane

Software Engineer

Likes to face challenges

Soham is a passionate software engineer who has recently graduated from NC State University, won 1st place in a NASA competition, helping send an autonomous robotic arm into space. Driven by an insatiable drive for problem solving, he constantly goes above and beyond. Soham is always ready to solve the challenges LLIF throws at him.

Ian Finley

Software Engineer

A passion for beautiful code

A veteran arts educator, Ian recently returned to one of his first loves: software development. He believes that great code, like great poetry, should be concise, elegant, and clear. And like great poetry, great code can change the world. He is thrilled to be working with LLIF on a project that will have real positive impact on society. Ian holds an MFA from New York University.

David Kubos

Software Engineer

Talented and straight-forward

David Kubos is a Front End Software Engineer with over 6 years of experience building and maintaining mobile applications. David has delivered several successful health app projects, including a large-scale application for a national nonprofit and an app for surgery planning for local hospital networks. He is passionate about creating quality experiences and enjoys working with his team to bring ideas to life.

Adam Andronikidis

Data Analyst

Show me the data

Adam is a life-long learner, driven by an interest in the world of data and making better decisions based on it. Having studied applied mathematics locally and abroad, Adam brings valuable experience to the team. He claims to be plagued by an analytical mind but finds it helpful when applied to work with LLIF. Adam’s mission in life is to leave a positive and meaningful impression.

Jan Jasek

Software Engineer

Jan Jasek

Backend software engineer

Martin Matinoha

Software Engineer

My terminal value is narrative

I want to contribute to making the world a net positive system. I chose LLIF because I believe that’s exactly what we are doing here. We are giving back to the people the data that big corporations took from them. It’s time to add value back to the system rather than take it out of it.

Ivo Horak

Software Engineer

Ivo Horak

Software Engineer

Aditya Gautam

Software Engineer

Aditya Gautam

Software Engineer

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