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Try out Best Life, our all-in-one solution that empowers you to be your own personal pit crew. 

Keep track of medication, heart health, chronic conditions, nutrition, and so much more. It is easy to manage your and your family’s health with the tech you already use.

See life differently. Achieve better data management for family, for yourself, and for all platforms, by the Live Learn Innovate Foundation.

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Pick your own path

You were built this personal data dashboard to help you do what you didn’t know you could. You haven’t been able to see all this data before. Have questions that need answers? Have answers that should be asked as questions?

Now it’s at your fingertips. 

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Self care

Empower yourself with personalized insights relevant to your obstacles and interests.

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Family care

Make informed life choices, digitally care for loved ones, set and track life goals.

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Visualize of the data you already have, with unbiased insights to increase your productivity.

use a habit tracker app like best life to see which habits hurt or help your health

Personal choice

Bring the power of data analytics to the people through a non-profit model to reduce risk.

Our software

Data management and family management software that streamlines the way you monitor and store your data. Mobile and web apps are free for you! We are sustained by donor support. Please consider buying us a coffee or contributing to a larger data integration project.


Sync your Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, and other third-party data silos in a single place.


Sync your Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung and other third-party data silos in a single place.


Dive even deeper than the mobile platform provides by visiting your personal data dashboard on any browser.


Reclaim that digital downtown, the tangible town square that our communities lost with the technological revolution.

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Bullet journal + mood diary

Best Life by LLIF is a two-for-one super app that combines a journal with a mood tracking tool. Make it easy to organize your thoughts, understand your patterns, and make positive changes in your life.

Chronic condition detection + tracking

Use Best Life as a personal health manager app and see your own data trends related to your health, symptoms, mood fluctuations, and more. Detect or manage chronic conditions without being upsold.

do allergies plague your well being and daily life?
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Fitness + personal productivity tool

Achieve better productivity without spending a fortune on device specific watches and mobile app subs. Sync your fitness tracker data and feel the flexibility of data freedom. Improve your personal productivity with data insights, or track your journey to reach even bolder fitness goals.

Quality of life gradually improved

Now you can get the same quality and predictive power that large corporations use. Make truly informed decisions about anything in your life. Everyone from business owners to part-time workers can have all the relevant data at their fingertips in one easy to access platform.

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We do this because we care

You should know what is behind the data you create. The Live Learn Innovate Foundation is a formal nonprofit built by software and hardware engineering experts with clear goals in mind: remove data provider bias and place people’s data back in their own hands.

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