Why We Are

Our mission is to improve lives by unlocking unique insights in personal health, nutrition, activities, environment, and wellbeing in a model which empowers individuals to aggregate, secure, own, analyze, and optionally share data for personal and/or community benefit.

What We Will Do

  • Enable members to securely aggregate their personal data from many sources to a not-for-profit cloud repository to farm for insights (like a digital personal file cabinet).
  • Offer opt-in access to member data for profit companies that will pay members to receive relevant advertisements or solicitations.
  • Offer members an option to donate access to their data for well meaning profit and not-for-profit organizations to provide personal and community insights.
  • Facilitate a sustainable not for profit data marketplace of members and private companies rooted in individual privacy and control that benefits members and businesses alike.

How We Will Do It

Technologically, we will leverage cloud hosting and open source software to create a community of developers. Socially, we will provide a platform that multiplies the ability of people to help themselves, their families, their friends, and their community. Financially, we are a public non-profit 501c3 organization that relies on the time and money of philanthropic individuals and businesses. Unlike venture capitalists who expect a monetary return on investment, our supporters are rewarded by improving global quality of life while also mitigating many of the data use and privacy challenges. In the beginning, we will rely on a small number of large donors to build the platform. Over time, we will migrate to a larger number of smaller donors and then to a sustainable business model connecting businesses to consumers.

What We Believe

Our Data Houses Immense Value

Similar to the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, society has learned that the way to a consumer is through their data. Clearly, data holds immense value to companies looking to target products and services. It’s not as clear that data holds immense value to each and every individual through insights and lessons for personal wellness and quality of life. Once aggregated, our data will allow us to see what we cannot see or feel otherwise. Our data empowers us to make rational decisions about our lives by proactively managing our wellness since without data we are forced to react to obvious symptoms often leading to invasive treatments rather than proactively detecting subtle anomalies.

When It Comes To Data Value, Bigger Is Better

When our member data becomes big data, there will be a value multiplier like the movie Moneyball where the well entrenched beliefs about how to build a baseball team were proven wrong with big data. Our data individually holds value to identify correlations of our environment, actions, and responses. When we hit critical mass, we believe that big data correlations of our living patterns will enable our platform to identify data doppelgangers to accelerate our ability to detect and act on quality of life challenges before obvious symptoms manifest themselves.

Our Data Should Be Ours

With no effort, we generate valuable living data that is stored and retained across many clouds. Every digital trace we leave has value to its possessor. However, even though we generate the data, we do not possess our data. In essence, data collecting companies know us better but than we are able to know ourselves. We believe that the path to have a say in our digital identity is through possession. The old adage “United we stand, divided we fall” applies to data. It’s power can only be had when united. We believe that data has gravity so that businesses that want to target consumers have a natural tendency to go to the biggest data repository to target consumers. Although attempted by the state of California data dividend proposal, government has not been able to regulate big data capitalism so if you can’t beat them, join them. Rather than fighting the forces of data gravity, LLIF will shift the data gravity to the LLIF platform representing the sum of all an individual’s data so that businesses who want to target member consumers can effectively do so through a sustainable not for profit business model.

Data Rights

We believe that the ability to amass, maintain, analyze, and safely share our living data for the betterment of personal and public wellness is a basic human right.  We believe that living data should be a form of personal property and not a currency which it has become. Personal property is something that you control and permit access to for a period of time (rent, lease, share, etc.) under agreement whereas currency is something that you give away and have no control over where it ends up nor who benefits.   Our vision is that our living data be collected and maintained out of a single non-profit organization. LLIF members that appreciate getting great services at no cost from big data companies may continue to do so while aggregating their data in LLIF not only for insights but also as backup in case other cloud services are bankrupted or hacked. LLIF members that want to minimize their digital footprint by foregoing free services will have an alternative means for businesses to target them.

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