Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF

Our Mission


The mission of the Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF is to empower and engage people around the world to amass, maintain, analyze, and safely share their living data for the betterment of personal, public, and corporate wellness.

What We Believe

Live Learn Innovate is a vision intended to create a movement.  The intended movement is rooted in a set of core values that shape our vision and guide our work.  

Our data should be ours

Our living data empowers us to make rational decisions about our lives.  We believe that the ability to amass, maintain, analyze, and safely share our living data for the betterment of personal and public wellness is a basic human right.  We believe that living data should be a form of personal property and not a currency which it has become. Personal property is something that you control and permit access to for a period of time (rent, lease, share, etc.) under agreement whereas currency is something that you give away and have no control over where it ends up nor who benefits.   Our vision requires that our living data be collected and maintained out of a single non-profit organization rather than fragmented across many for-profit companies that are trying to collect and control our living data primarily for their financial gain.

Share with communities

The LLIF movement strives to include every single human being in our work by making our knowledge resources available and providing a venue for all people to amass, maintain, analyze and share our living data.  We believe that sharing our anonymous living data will benefit our community and that contributing to our community will come back to help us as individuals.

Our data should be aggregated, accurate, and unbiased

We believe that popularity and proxy algorithms implemented by for-profit companies are not generally in our best interests or in the best interest of our communities.  First, we believe popularity or proxy algorithms obscure or manipulate data (potentially for power or greed) and hence should not sit between our data and its consumption.  Second, we believe that the drive for profit creates digital data islands that impedes privacy and the insights. Lastly, we believe that the aggregation of data with controls will foster new levels of innovation through both profits and nonprofits.

We must protect our independence

The Live Learn Innovate Foundation depends on donations to provide the infrastructure for the “It’s Our Lives” movement.  In order to stay free of influence, we reserve the right to refuse donations that could restrict our operations or steer us away from our priorities and mission. We seek financial contributions from a large number of donors, in order to avoid over-dependency on any single revenue source.

We value openness and diversity

The “It’s Our Lives” movement is intended to be global. The LIFF was formed in April 2018 and was granted 501c3 status in December 2018.  The LLIF will create and maintains an international staff and board of trustees. A healthy mix of demographic and cultural characteristics everywhere throughout the movement is key to LLIF’s success.

We value and embrace expertise

The LLIF will provide general correlations to improve wellness but does not have the expertise or resources to properly extract value from the living data for focused correlations around specific activities, consumption, condition, environment, performance (physical, intellectual or emotional), etc.  To that end, LLIF will promote projects and chapters as communities of interest/expertise with focused goals that share our vision.

We are a volunteer-driven movement

The LLIF projects and chapters will be created and managed by volunteers. The LLIF works in service to our shared goals, making investments that will increase the community’s effectiveness in building and developing the projects and achieving our shared vision.


Are you interested in solving personal health puzzles, fostering global innovation, stopping the manipulation of our personal data for profit, and enabling more informed decision making?  If so, join the LIFF (life) movement to take back control of our digital lives! LLIF has been a dream of mine starting in 2015 when I tried to find the root cause for my son’s migraine headaches. Later, my sister experienced seemingly random ailments that was diagnosed celiac after 30 years. Many other friends and loved ones experience health puzzles. Over the years, I repeatedly speculated how we could better identify correlations that would lead to better living. If you have input on any of the following, please reach out through the contact tab.

  • Data variables that should be collected
  • Relevant instruments and sensors that collect data
  • Questions of the data that you’d be interested in answering
  • Ailments that require additional data correlations to improve outcomes
  • Desire to define the requirements
  • Desire to contribute code
  • Identify a source of funding
  • Request to receive a copy of the Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF Form 1023, Form 990, governing documents, conflict of interest policy, or financial statements

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Jim French, Founder, Live Learn Innovate Foundation

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