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Our Mission To Provide

better data management for people

Try Best Life, our all-in-one solution that empowers you to be your own personal pit crew. 

Keep track of medication, heart health, chronic conditions, nutrition, and so much more. It’s easy to manage your and your family’s health with the tech you already use.

See life differently. Achieve better data management for family, for yourself, and for all platforms, by the Live Learn Innovate Foundation.

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Pick the path to your Best Life

We built you a personal data tool on top of a secure foundation to help you do what you didn’t know you could. You haven’t been able to see all this data before. Have questions that need answers? Have answers that should be asked as questions?

Now it’s at your fingertips. 

For everyone

We build tools like Best Life that help you take control of your data. Sync from big providers like Apple, Google, and Fitbit, overcome device limitations, and always retain ownership of your data.

Gain insights that don’t tell you what to do but instead show you how your actions impact your life.

For developers

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Develop your software application using our APIs and SDK. Skip the tedium of building authentication services, integrating health services, and scoping out environment data vendors.

We offer solutions that can flex to meet your project’s needs.

For reseachers

Our nonprofit will work with you on your research. Leverage our existing platform instead of reinventing the wheel.

You’ll reach a larger audience, avoid the pitfalls of data privacy and security, while achieving your goals and helping improve lives.

Use a migraine and headache app to track headache symptoms

Take better care of yourself

Keeping a symptom diary alongside your fitness tracker data improves healthcare.

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Improve the care of family

Make informed life choices, digitally care for loved ones, set and track life goals.

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Boost performance with data

Visualize of the data you already have, with unbiased insights.

use a habit tracker app like best life to see which habits hurt or help your health

Enhance decision-making

It's time for people to have powerful data analytics for daily decisions.

Our software

We build data management software that streamlines how organizations monitor and store data. We are currently progressing on our first pillar achievement, a product built for everyone.

Best Life super-charges personal data management with a free web and mobile app.


Sync your Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, and other third-party data silos in a single place.


Device agnostic, meaning we won't lock you in to any specific hardware.


Dive even deeper than the mobile platform provides by visiting your online dashboard.


Help us reclaim the digital data ownership of communities, and reap the rewards.

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See life differently with all your data in one place

Best Life helps you track anything. See your own data trends related to your health and activity, or keep up with property management needs. You can identify and manage chronic conditions. Or you can remember the last time you changed air filters in your home. 

We’re all just people in the end, and we deserve to benefit from the data we create.

Together we can build things better

Our nonprofit built a data foundation that you can build upon, too. Think of it like a groundwork laid for your custom project. Now, you can focus on what value you bring instead.

Skip the parts of building a product that puts you at risk since we protect people’s data.

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research dataset nonprofit business
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Distributed data empowers researchers

Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft… all these giants technically own the data you create and store on their platforms. They profit from it directly. They hoard data from researchers and nonprofits who would otherwise use it to benefit us all.

We help researchers and organizations with anonymized, opt-in-only datasets.

Quality of life gradually improved

Familiar with Rakuten and other ‘get paid for your opinion’ type vendors? They sell your data for high profit margins to business research organizations. Why don’t you just do that yourself? Retain data ownership even when you get paid for your opinions and habits.

Bonus perks include the ability to customize promotions and ads coming your way.

earn money from your data monetize your data
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make your data earn money for you live learn innovate foundation
make your data earn money for you live learn innovate foundation
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We do this because we care

You should know what is behind the data you create. The Live Learn Innovate Foundation is a formal nonprofit built by software and hardware engineering experts with clear goals in mind: remove data provider bias and place people’s data back in their own hands.

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