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Our roadmap to success for People Businesses Communities

Software Roadmap

We have already come a long way, but have the best part of our journey ahead. Learn more about our software roadmap, long-term organizational plans, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

Our implementation plan for the software starts with improving how the individual sees their data. We will then improve how the individual shares their data with businesses. Finally, we plan to improve how the community sees data and provide the ability to leverage it in decision making too.

Read more about our progress on our mobile app, Best Life.

Progress on Best Life app initiatives

Updated May 30, 2024

Triggers v1


Includes working trends, descriptive statistics, and correlations. It is especially helpful for monitoring and managing chronic conditions like allergies, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, headaches/migraines, seizures/epilepsy, IBS, and more.

Mental health v1


Includes mood and stress ratings, journaling, events for emotions like anxiety, usage tracking, and LLIF extensions like the Trend Analysis Engine.

Physical health v1


Includes the ability to record manually and report on symptom and pain management, distance events like running and biking, tracking and graphing anything by distance, and repeating events being tracked easily.

Productivity v1



Intends to help members be more productive, learn, record information, and make better decisions. Replaces many tools with an all-in-one feature suite that includes journaling, reminders, and more.

Group care v1



Includes family care, child care, elder care, and remote coordinated care capabilities to make life a little easier.

Medication + pain management v1



Medication management with compliance, including pain mapping to events, core extensions, and plans for pains.

Habits v1

Finished 100%


Intends to deliver robust planning with tooltips and product stability. Includes improved in-app experiences and tooltips, recurring event tracking, goals, and gamification. Habit tracking is under this initiative.

Would you like to discuss our progress and upcoming work in more depth?

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Individual insights

Achievements in the first phase

This is well underway! Check out all the use cases here.

Goals for organizations and businesses

The Engage Platform is actively recruiting beta sign ups and advisors in business marketing, integrations, developer resources, and more. Check it out here.

Engage for business

Community platform

How this will help the world

The Engage Platform is actively recruiting beta sign ups and advisors in business marketing, integrations, developer resources, and more. Check it out here.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose

Your best life is within reach

Predictive analytics leading to decision support will empower you and your community to make informed decisions, mitigate events with negative consequences, and promote situations with positive outcomes. Even small improvements in decision making have enormous benefits to physical health, mental health, financial savings, and so much more.

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