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Sponsor the Live Learn Innovate Foundation

Invest in the future of data management

LLIF provides the essential infrastructure and organizational framework for the support, development, and implementation of systems and projects to solve health puzzles, foster innovation, enable more informed decision-making, and minimize the manipulation of living data for profit at a personal, community, and global level.

Invest in a platform with a product and long-term plan

Break the chains big data providers have wrapped around your business and daily decision-making. Do it with ease, using a nonprofit foundational software, and innovate without limits on your own technology.

Low-risk, high-value and already established

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Defeat digital data domination

Market research, digital advertising, data management and other practices are dominated by a select few. Removing the dictatorship over digital influence is good for business.

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Leverage a pre-existing product

The MVP app Best Life Health Diary is only the first pillar of the bigger plan. Soon, our next phase is launched towards success with an existing audience.

Break records without effort

The next pillar of work includes building a new method of digital advertising - one where the user is already interested in what your business has to offer.

Stop sharing your conversion profits

Collectively, our data is worth a whopping $64 billion USD annually. [Source.] Most of this is from digital advertising, the profit of which is concentrated in less than five major data entities, globally.

When business used to make a sale, it was without a middleware skimming off the top.

Do you still see a good ROI on your ad spend?

Why has digital advertising been allowed to be focused on less than five major provider platforms? Most returns go directly to the advertising platform, not the business whose information has allowed the transaction to even occur.

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Support our project development

Think of it like buying our team a coffee

Although, our monthly expenses for weather data, active analysis in the software for trend detection, and other software features adds up to more than a cup of coffee. With enough love from everyone, we can keep this going for decades.


Volunteer your time and expertise

We need expert advice in data analysis for each use case. We are not the experts of all, just the security of our platform.

The LLIF community is composed of many participants. In addition to the community members, many stakeholders contribute individual value while receiving community benefits.

You don't need to settle for the status quo

Data markets will be more accessible

Predictive analytics leading to decision support will empower you and your community to avoid uninformed decisions, mitigate events with negative consequences, and promote situations with positive outcomes. Even small improvements in decision making have enormous benefits to physical health, mental health, financial savings, and so much more.

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