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Our Master Plan To Achieve To Empower To Restore

Grow data value with a unique approach

Our goal is to grow data value through a distributed ownership business model. Think of it like how Airbnb changed the hotel and hospitality industry – when the people were empowered to rent out their own space, everything changed.

Now, it’s time for people to be empowered to leverage their own data and directly reap the rewards.

Three platforms to help you gain data value

Personal LLIF

We built the Best Life super app, which provides members with a consolidated personal data lake rooted in individual data ownership, safety, and value.

This app will support data from our member’s preferred cloud providers (i.e. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Fitbit) as well as wearable devices and home automation technologies.

We are distributing (decentralizing) data ownership in favor of the individual benefitting from unimaginable health, lifestyle, and monetization benefits.

The Best Life app helps our members track their life in a private Facebook-like feed including vitals (weight, body fat, heart rate, resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse ox, body temperature), environment (twenty-five weather and pollen metrics), trackable events (activities, symptoms, and pain), shopping, content (movie, book, song or TV show), and diary notes. This data and more will be the ‘foundation’ for the value our members bring to themselves through our software.

The Personal LLIF platform with a domain expert ecosystem will help members make choices to avoid the negative (symptom triggers), promote the positive (mental and physical health), detect conditions earlier, and generally make better decisions.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization providing a public service at no cost to its members, LLIF will do its best to deliver your Best Life.

We will extend Personal LLIF by attracting well-intended domain experts to provide insights and analytics in the form of serverless software that privately runs against member data and shares a result with the member. These extensions will be shared via a rated marketplace that will be open to individuals, non-profits, and for-profit organizations to innovate on top of the individual’s secure non-profit-protected data lake.

Innovative start-ups will no longer be disadvantaged by limited access to data removing a large barrier to their delivering value to their customers. We believe that LLIF Extensions are a first step toward assisting diagnostic triage, identifying triggers, earlier detection of illnesses (i.e. memory loss, large cancers, mental illness, etc.), rare illness identification, alerting on increased risks (i.e. heart attacks, strokes, seizures, etc.), improved illness management shared through device-independent family care, mental health coaching, and more.

Apple App

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Android App

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Web App

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Engage LLIF

Your Engage LLIF platform is intended to provide an alternative to the companies that profit immensely from simply helping a business find a prospect consumer using their service’s collected data of the consumer. Essentially, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many others make incredible amounts of money simply using your enslaved data to help a non-big data product and services companies find you. For that, the product company pays the big data company, which may be a competitor, for the service. 

Our goal with Engage LLIF is to offer a direct advertising option for our members. With the members reclaimed data, they will be their own advertiser like people that rent rooms or houses through Airbnb are a tiny hotel and now collectively represent the largest hotel chain in the world. With LLIF democratized advertising, individuals will collectively become the largest advertisers in the world. 

Becoming an independent advertiser is impossible if you don’t own and control your data. We expect that Engage LLIF will eventually bring many hundreds of dollars per year to our members and help fund our software development and operations costs.

Unfortunately, no for-profit company has taken the initiative to enable advertising democratization and if they did then they would either die a hero or you live long enough to see themselves become the villain. They simply become the next Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. trying desperately to hoard and leverage data to increase profits for shareholders.

Community LLIF

Through a public portal, we will expose anonymous counts, percentages, and trends to improve public wellbeing as a feedback loop to global policy and investment. We believe it’s important to quantify the return on investment of efforts made to improve the environment, water supply, food supply, social media controls, etc. 

LLIF will enable real-time anonymous reporting on our members including aggregated insights around community changes in mood, symptoms, sleep quality, heart rate, sentiment, memory, etc. based on water supply, proximity to cell phone towers, air quality, weather events, social media use, government policies, pandemics, regional conflicts, etc.

We don't expect to be alone in this

Our goal is to attract capitalism on top of non-profit data. Unlike for-profits, LLIF is not competing with our capitalistic partners as their success is our member’s success. LLIF’s intended business model is to fund engineering and operations through donations and, if required, a percentage of transactions. Data scientists, market research firms, clinical trial pharmaceuticals, universities, governments, advertising companies, etc. will create LLIF Extensions offered through an open marketplace. As our platforms mature, we will offer our cloud backend to mobile app developers who wish to solve narrow problems while minimizing their upfront investment. 

Innovative startup mobile app developers will be able to leverage a myriad of microservices (authentication, vital data sync, environment data, plans with reminders, timeline diary feed, graphing, data management, shared family care, and more) while preserving a single lifetime data lake for LLIF members. 

It takes one thing to break this public hostage situation online: stop giving your data to businesses that don't offer you the return on your investment.

We see it as a win-win for developers and members. 

Developers get to market faster and cheaper. Through a single data lake, LLIF members avoid stranding a data island per app as they progress through life (i.e. childhood, productivity, nutrition management, fitness coaching, pet ownership, parenting, property management, pain management, medication management, aging parent care, etc.)

Business colleagues working in team

Join us on this mission

Leverage volunteers, donations, and well-intended organizations to build a global community promoting individual data ownership and value

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Improve things with us

Grow data sources and types while reducing member data collection efforts

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See rewards from all the effort

Expand member monetization and insight options through engagement, LLIF Extensions, and partner mobile apps.

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Hold everyone accountable

Establish and maintain the trust that LLIF will protect members through technological, legal, and business model controls which include

Everything to gain, and nothing to lose

Your best life is within reach

Predictive analytics leading to decision support will empower you and your community to avoid uninformed decisions, mitigate events with negative consequences, and promote situations with positive outcomes. Even small improvements in decision making have enormous benefits to physical health, mental health, financial savings, and so much more.

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