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With the digital age we gained Engagement Freedom Communication Entertainment Convenience

With those gains, we also lost things

Like the town square of a community, where we can have local conversations

It wasn’t that “historical” to simply walk down the street and have a one-on-one interaction with who you bought something from. Your opinion, market research, these things hold value. People would climb mountains and swim oceans to get answers on public opinion. What changed?

Introducing, the Engage Platform. Let’s recapture that community collaboration with today’s technology.

We see middleware preventing a positive relationship with retail

Use the Engage Platform to Reclaim Retail Relationships

Take back that relationship without changing much of your daily life. We built the software foundation to disrupt the great big data gods’ plans. Using nonprofit requirements and legislation, your activity becomes a donor-related asset. Removing the for-profit incentivization returns your and your community’s data rights.

Instead, reap the benefits of big data analytics without being unknowingly profited off.

It takes one thing to break this public hostage situation online: stop giving your data to businesses that don't offer you the return on your investment.

Group of senior friends playing chess at the park


Find people who watch the same shows and read the same books, or just take recommendations on what to check out next. Beer league softball, Friday night kickball, monthly bowling day, because you want to get out and about this season.

Without that annoying “select your interests here” type of survey.


Bring back the ease of finding something fun to do with friends. Volunteering, art, book clubs, the type of community activities you want to see, because you opted-in to finding things that interest you.

Without fake reviews and checking buzzfeed lists.

Close up of mans hands buying organic vegetables outdoors at local farmers market

Local market

Garage sales, estate sales, auctions, neighbor to neighbor favors, because you opted-in to staying aware of local shopping trends. By combining access to your data from multiple for-profit clouds into one secure non-profit cloud, LLIF puts the value of your data back in your hands.

Without big data companies taking on your data personality.

With an abundance of worthy causes, picking the Live Learn Innovate Foundation provides multiple organizations founded in health, medicine, environment, legislation, and entertainment with a real opportunity to overcome digital monopolies

You improve all those industries by supporting a foundation that inherently reduces the risk of monopolization and coercive control.

Let’s build an alternative to the status quo of digital communications

Our business platform (Engage) will disrupt the current data industry and allow a new digital advertising method to improve the transaction experience between businesses and consumers. It seeks to remove the mystique around consent by leveraging opt-in-only outreach, increasing the quality of business leads, and increasing the return on ad spend.

Businesses will reach never-before-seen conversion levels due to the highly qualified lead model. For example, Goodyear could target audiences that drive more than 10,000 miles quarterly and send an Engagement to buy their tires.

Engage platform will help you improve and expand the quantity of quality connections

Even better, when like minded businesses find you, you’ll be paid to engage rather than them finding you through for profit big data companies like Google or Facebook that strive to keep themselves between you and the businesses you consume from.

We give you the tools to be found and to get paid when found by business. What’s more, you’ll know exactly what they were looking for to find you. If a businesses pays a dollar to send you a coupon, you’ll get nearly all of that dollar while LLIF will take a little to cover our costs.


Improve the global benefits from data driven technology

Influence industries and public policy

Wider patterns in the community can be identified sooner. The medical field benefits from a larger set of data, and as a contributor, you have the power to contribute.

Learn more about illness symptoms and triggers. Compare changes in the weather with changes in your moods, travel patterns with allergy symptoms, online shopping orders with screen time, or any other comparisons that are important to you. Monitor loved ones or your own health concerns using platforms you already provide data to. LLIF gives you the tools to make more informed decisions about your health and self-care. Gain custom insights by understanding personal correlations with the most comprehensive personal data set available. Be your best self by monitoring your entertainment consumption and sleep quality.

use a habit tracker app like best life to see which habits hurt or help your health

A true “users like you” view

Discover an easier way to crowdsource opinions on a limitless amount of topics

We used to have a group of community members who would “be in the know” of where the best place in town is. Now, we have targeted advertising. Sometimes that’s great.. others, not so much. 

Who really needs to keep seeing fast food recommendations when you want a quick local lunch?

female athlete setting fitness tracker smart watch

Plus a little extra if you like

Benefit from your data in direct ways

Take advantage of what the unanalyzed 95% of global data can provide you. Make more effective MeetUp groups. Pick better days for local Farmers Markets. Learn the real patterns behind your environment and your well being. See smarter choices daily with data-driven awareness.

Personal choice is critical when it comes to your data. Want to share anonymously with researchers, legislators, neighbors or just your family? Control that to the tee using your personal data dashboard. 

Opt-in to shared profits, business engagement, community leader boards and anything else you find interesting. Besides, someone is reselling your data already – why shouldn’t you be the one benefiting?

Everything to gain, and nothing to lose

Your best life is within reach

Predictive analytics leading to decision support will empower you and your community to avoid uninformed decisions, mitigate events with negative consequences, and promote situations with positive outcomes. Even small improvements in decision making have enormous benefits to physical health, mental health, financial savings, and so much more.

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