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LLIF Nonprofit

About Live Learn Innovate Foundation

Learn about Live Learn Innovate Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity that built a data management platform to help software users regain control of their personal data, benefit from the big data practices of data mining, gain intuitive insights about their health and environment, and more.

LLIF built and hosts the Best Life mobile app and the companion web app. This software is free for anyone to use. We rely on community support to keep going.

You deserve the benefits that technology brings to society. Live your life informed and in control.

Nonprofit data management benefits everyone

A data management platform built by a nonprofit is important for data independence because it enables the nonprofit to control the access and usage of its data. This means that the nonprofit can ensure that the data is only used in ways that align with its mission and values instead of relying on thirdparty services that may have their own motivations and agendas.

Additionally, a data management platform allows nonprofits to create secure, reliable data backups, ensuring that it can be recovered even in an emergency.

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