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Live Learn Innovate Foundation

Our history

Our life story started with a realization

How human beings communicate information has changed dramatically over a short amount of time. All information had to be a hard copy item, or kept in someone’s memory itself. It is a possession. It holds value. It is real.

Information was tangible for nearly 6000 years

Then, suddenly in the history of humankind, the potential to digitally store information hits society. We have experienced digital information for 2% of our entire history. This method is new. The capabilities are incredible. We each generate so much information, data, that we can already answer difficult questions about health, the environment, social impact, anything. If you generate so much information, and it is so valuable, why are you not seeing the benefits of it directly?

The Live Learn Innovate Foundation (LLIF) was founded with the goal of creating a platform to bring the power of digital data back to the individual.  Our primary mission is to enable our members to improve their lives through data driven insights, increase helpful engagement with businesses and like-minded members, and promote community innovation through anonymized data sharing.

jim french of llif in spongebob shirt running a marathon

2015. I started discussing the concept of LLIF with my friend and now board member Dave Frampton and my son who suffered from migraines. Dave eventually left our employer to start a company FactorChain that offered early detection of IT related security events, which we both agreed were harder to identify than human ailments because there was little to no feedback for security events. At least with people, you can record symptoms.

April 2018. I incorporated the Live Learn Innovate Foundation. In June 2018, I applied for our 501c3 status with the help of Raleigh nonprofit attorney Gerry Hancock. Our 501c3 was approved by the IRS in December 2018 and I made my first donation. I worked on LLIF in my spare time as I was employed full-time with Zscaler.

February 2020. I felt I’d saved enough to fund and work on LLIF full time so I told my employer that I would depart to ‘help the world’. In support of LLIF, Zscaler offered a flexible work arrangement. However, once COVID hit, I returned full time to help Zscaler help companies get through COVID securely working from home.

Summer 2020. Our board of Brian Gilbert, Dave Frampton, and myself started work. My re-connected with coder extraordinaire Paul Lesiak, met NCSU overachiever senior Soham Pai Kane through a mutual friend, and connected with co-founder Mike Miller of Software Development Europe USA.

Now we hit the ground running

We created a dream team that hit the ground running on September 1, 2020. I’m grateful for our amazing team’s patience with my learning scrum and their agile dedication to get the dream I’d created through many social interactions and experiences to create incremental stories that led us to our demo product’s release on January 2021 through hard work and dedication of everyone you see on our team page and the supportive people behind them.

Level the playing fields

We have a dream to improve the lives of individuals and communities globally rooted in a sustainable business model that benefits consumers and businesses alike. We have an aggressive plan to use our demo product to show the potential to members and illness organizations. 

To businesses, our platform will enable them to target prospect consumers better, cheaper, and by paying their prospect rather than their competitor. 

To illness organizations, our platform will provide valuable insights to better identify triggers. For COVID and its variants, LLIF will provide a platform to track and learn recovery, side effects, and efficacy. 

original logo for live learn innovate foundation

From inner strength

Although our first LLIF logo came from a free logo site, it is meaningful to life. Though retired now, our original logo has grown in the hearts of our team and original sponsors.

The colors represent diversity and variety in life; the puzzle represents all our health questions. The heart depicts our goal to help people empower themselves in new ways. Our focus on community is personified with the figures in front of it all.

To sharing it with others

The LLIF brand has now transformed into an image that demonstrates simple innovation. Our team strives to engage with our audience and explain our platform in a way that makes sense.

With our rebrand we achieve the look of a software platform that is easy to use, quick to show value, and built with the intention to represent your data without bias.

Live Learn Innovate Foundation nonprofit logo

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