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Senior and Family care app

Finally, a senior and family care mobile app that factors in all your other data

Easily track symptoms for chronic conditions, then compare them to the environment, medications, symptoms, and nearly everything else around you.

Through data analytics, we hope to improve people’s life expectancy and quality of life with data publicly provided by entities such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. We strive to enable families to get informed about their elder family members’ health, who do not always feel the need or have the resources for healthcare.

Powered up with Alexa voice integration, weather data, your own daily symptom log, and a bullet journal, Best Life simplifies hundreds of other tools to become your super app.

Gain insights hidden within data. Use your knowledge to improve your family’s lives.

best life app built by nonprofit

23% of Americans worry about an aging parent at the same time as supporting a child/young adult.

Use your current tech and tools to make family care a more manageable effort.

Supporting data from these providers

Easily manage all your family needs

Use Best Life as a family health app to make better health an achievable goal

Heart disease is often not detectable by your normal senses and tends to only be identified after a problem happens because heart disease patients did not know the signs leading up to their condition.

What are some factors that lead to cardiovascular disease?

High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and smoking are the main factors related to heart disease. Things like your resting heart rate have a very strong, valid correlation with heart conditions and other illnesses (like cancer). 

You can see it in advance, and take action to prolong a high quality of life, for yourself and your loved ones.

Visualize your habits

It is easy to get lost in the daily grind. Take as much or as little time as you like to log your day. Build your own virtual space to focus on you, with measurable benefits.

Determine trends

Our Best Life mobile app and data dashboard is the only data aggregation software available to include all data providers you use, giving you the big picture.

Make strategic decisions

Easily share reliable, accurate data from your symptom logs, health monitors, and mood tracker to health providers for mental and physical check-ins, when you choose.

What is the information and data that shows heart health?

You can determine your heart health and statistically predict cardiovascular disease with higher accuracy simply by reviewing your own health data with that knowledge. You can mark your baseline or loved ones in your Best Life app profile. Your baseline is used when you want to see dramatic differences over time.

Help prevent heart disease and help loved ones who have heart conditions.

For example, your resting heart rate is a valid, proven indicator of heart health, cardiovascular disease, and much more. It is readily available if you’ve already been wearing a smart watch. Any device that syncs with your Google Fit or Apple Health Kit will work instantly. We are also preparing a new release of our platform that empowers you to upload data from any health monitor, ‘smart’ or otherwise.

Track it all in one place

Start using the Best Life app for family care

Use Google or Apple to Create an Account

Finally, you can have a family care all-in-one mobile app without for-profit bias, with privacy and the flexibility to see what you want to see.

Best Life is a mobile app and software dashboard that allows you to gain insights into health and habits by comparing past data entries with fitness tracker, mood tracker, symptom tracker, and weather data.

Use your account or a loved one’s to get set up

Use the links on this page to download or open the Best Life app on the Google Play or Apple App Store. Then sign in using whatever account type you’re used to using.

We use a single sign-on (SSO) method of account creation to help cut down on risk and all those excess account logins you’ve likely got out there. We do this so you never have to remember yet another password.

best life app to track anything quantified self app example sign in

Data helps improve senior + child care

Select a default timezone, and enable health data syncs and location info. This last part is critical for someone looking to manage anything related to their local weather and pollen.

With all sorts of ways to add data to Best Life, you can add quick activity entries using Events and then elaborate on your day later in a Note.

Tips for better data
  • Measurements keep track of things like body weight, temperature, blood sugar, and others
  • Use Events to log almost everything (activity, symptoms, medication, etc)
  • Be consistent in your naming structure (if you say ‘acetaminophen‘, stick with it!)
  • Any Event can have more detail, just tap the pencil icon once it’s on your entry list

Learn your triggers and see what really works

Combine your Best Life data with your health trackers for more accurate insight. See health data combined with your mood and stress ratings, habits, and just about anything else.

Best Life is a powerful tool for helping you take control of your life. Track data like what time of day and how long you spent writing, then compare it to your environment, symptoms, and other data.

  • Once you select a graph, on the top-right you can filter Events to show on top

This helps you, your loved ones, and your doctors see a complete view if you choose to share it with them.

best life app to track anything quantified self app example graph data visual

Be the one who benefits from your data

Discover new data trends, plot symptoms over weather graphs, and see your data like you never have before. Take your life by the data and demand the value return everyone deserves.

Our roadmap for family care features

  • Shared Tags for cross-account shared tracking
  • Custom Event groups like “morning routine”
  • Data imports from popular daily diaries like Daylio
best life app built by nonprofit

FAQ about family and senior care using Best Life by LLIF

Using Best Life just for mood tracking? You can probably pass on this! However, if you live where it’s always sunny or rainy it could be helpful information.

The temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and other factors definitely have an impact on your day to day.

Enabling location services lets your diary capture those daily differences.

Using Best Life just for journaling? You can probably pass on this!

Optional only! However, by syncing the Health data that your Apple Health kit or Google Fit already captured, you can see even more trends in your own data.

Once in your Diary, go ahead and tap the bottom menu icon for the little person on their data! Scroll to the Event count graph and tap into it.

In the top-right of each graph you will find the search and filter icon that opens a drawer with the ability to add specific Events on top of the data you’re reviewing.

Hit that awesome plus sign button on your Diary page once you’re in the app. From there, hit Rating and you’ll be able to add a mood rating.

You can also add stress ratings using the Goldilocks scale from this view.

In your list of graphs you will find the Mood and Stress graphs. The Mood graph will show you your daily, weekly, monthly, or annual average mood over time.

The Stress graph breaks into three variables (physical, social, intellectual) and plots those on an area chart using the same scales.

Let us know what data you want to see next by contacting our team online!

Want to see it even sooner though? Donate your time, effort, or contribute funds for our team to hire more software engineers.

Every dollar is a great addition to bringing data rights back to people.

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Predictive analytics leading to decision support will empower you and your community to avoid uninformed decisions, mitigate events with negative consequences, and promote situations with positive outcomes. Even small improvements in decision making have enormous benefits to physical health, mental health, financial savings, and so much more.

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