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arthritis symptoms like knee pain and joint swelling

What Causes Arthritis Symptoms? Five Triggers To Know

If you’re one of nearly 50 million Americans with arthritis, you know just how debilitating the symptoms – pain, swelling and stiffness – can be. But here’s the good news: knowledge is power when it comes to managing your arthritis symptoms. By understanding the five most common triggers that cause flare-ups, you can make proactive lifestyle changes to reduce the frequency and severity of arthritis flares.

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mood tracking to boost mental health

Mood Tracking Unlocks Better Mental Health

Mood tracking is an incredibly powerful tool for improving health and well-being. A mood journal, also known as a mood tracker, is a simple way to keep track of your daily emotional state. This can help you identify patterns in your emotional health, allowing you to take actionable steps toward improving it.

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chili pepper molecule capsaicin and diabetic neuropathy

Capsaicin May Reverse Diabetic Neuropathy and Reduce Pain

Researchers have revealed exciting new findings on the role of a particular molecule found in chilis in aiding the recovery of damaged nerves, ultimately alleviating pain from diabetic neuropathy. These findings bring us closer to understanding how nerve damage in the feet caused by diabetes is reversible, reducing the potential for serious foot complications.

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allergies symptom tracking app best life health diary

Tips for Effectively Using Allergies Symptom Trackers

Allergies symptom trackers make your life easier by keeping your allergies in check and helping track symptoms — discover some great tips for using allergy symptom trackers today! Don’t let allergies keep you down; learn how to use symptom trackers to effectively manage your allergies and symptoms.

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