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Best Life App Latest Version Update (2024.13.10)

Best Life, the health app that lets you track anything, just released a new update! Check out the latest Best Life app update release notes to see for yourself.
Best Life, the health app that lets you track anything, just released a new update! Check out the latest Best Life app update release notes to see for yourself.

Best Life App Update – Embrace a Healthier You!


Stay healthy and organized with the new and improved Best Life App! This free app, brought to you by the nonprofit organization LLIF, makes tracking your symptoms and health data easy. You can track mood and stress, set reminders, and log your health history comprehensively.

Plus, you can easily filter your data to conveniently review what you track for yourself, loved ones, and more. Download the app today and take control of your health!

Best Life is the health app that lets you track anything. Check out the latest Best Life app update and see for yourself! Best Life is available free on app stores today.

What’s New in Best Life App:

The Best Life app’s upcoming update is packed with enhancements and fixes, aimed at improving your experience and making health and lifestyle tracking even more seamless. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new:

  1. Brand New Scatter Plot Graph: Now, you can directly compare variables to one another using the scatter plot graph. This makes it easy to see trends and garner data insights.
  2. New Medication Database Lookup: You can track medication in the Best Life app, but now you can also look up medications from a reliable database!
  3. Environmental Forecast Integration: Looking ahead, the app now includes forecasts in the environment graphs, providing you with a glimpse into future conditions that could affect your health and plans.
  4. Enhanced Content Management: For those who like things organized, we’ve added a new field in our CMS for display titles, allowing for clearer and more engaging titles within the app.
  5. Smarter Nutrition Event Logging: Previously, changes saved in nutrition events didn’t always stick. Now, your modifications will be saved automatically, making it easier to keep your nutrition log accurate and up-to-date.
  6. Improved Graph Interaction: Tapping the ‘Open graph’ option now directly opens the corresponding URL, enhancing the usability of our data visualization features.
  7. Pain Data Storage Upgrade: We’ve overhauled the backend for pain tracking, accommodating a wider range of pain data. This means a more detailed and nuanced way to log and understand your pain levels.
  8. Visual Enhancements: We’ve updated the sign-in screen with a fresh background image, and started implementing a color scheme for data categories, creating a more inviting and vibrant entry point into the app. We also nested additional details for basic Events in an accordion so it’s not TMI on the first view.
  9. Graph Data Duplication Bug Fix: A pesky issue that caused nutrition data to duplicate on graphs when updated has been squashed. Your charts should now reflect your actual intake without any repeats.
  10. Carbohydrates Graph Fix: The carbohydrates graph now accurately shows data across all time views, whether you’re looking at your intake over a day, week, or month.
  11. Nutrition Editing Error Resolved: Errors that occurred while editing nutrition events, resulting in 422 and 409 HTTP errors, have been fixed. Editing should now be error-free.
  12. Other Noteworthy Bug Fixes: Apple synced sleep stages show core as light sleep stage. Google Fit data sync no longer locks up the app. New entries should show on the Diary immediately. Event duration calculations are more intuitively displayed. In progress timers on the Diary should appear more consistent.
  13. General Stability Improvements: This release also includes additional fixes aimed at increasing the app’s overall stability and performance.

Our goal with these updates is to make the Best Life app not just a tool, but a companion on your journey to wellness. Whether it’s through enhanced functionality, squashing bugs, or adding new features, we’re committed to helping you live your best life. Keep an eye out for this update and let us know how these changes make a difference in your day-to-day app experience!

Thank you for choosing Best Life as your health companion. Happy tracking!

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Use cases for this secure, private data aggregation method appear everywhere, expanding to family care, community growth, agricultural planning, and many more things still unseen. Help us keep going by getting involved today.

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