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Meet Our Founder Jim French

Jim French founded the Live Learn Innovate Foundation to improve how normal people manage and benefit from their data. After all, they created that data.
Jim French founded the Live Learn Innovate Foundation to improve how normal people manage and benefit from their data. After all, they created that data.

Meet the Live Learn Innovate Foundation founder, Jim French.

Jim’s passion was making Cisco technology helpful for organizations.

You may already know Jim French if you’ve been at Cisco for a while and have heard of him or just met him during one of his passionate discussions about networks, security, remote access, extranets, IP telephony, streaming, data centers, clouds, or other fascinating Cisco topics. You may not know the backstory of his accomplishments. Jim doesn’t brag. Yet you should know that he is still building upon the knowledge gained with the US Navy, Cisco, zScaler, and his thousands of customers.

After spending 15 years as a Distinguished System Engineer (DSE) creating solutions for northeast local, national, and global giants, Jim realized something…

Jim leading an engineering conversation within Cisco.

Problem-solving with technology is Jim’s biggest strength.

You may also experience job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment from helping others solve complex problems.

So what is Jim up to?

Driven by distributed ownership but for data this time.

Cisco taught Jim many things, including the trade-offs of distribution and centralization when designing large-scale networks. The network perspective led Jim to question the status quo for data distribution and ownership.

Today, individuals have data scattered across many clouds that benefit immensely from their data, while the individual generator cannot access or use their data for their benefit.

Jim questioned why we leave so many tiny distributed islands of data with important history as we progress through life (i.e., caring for babies, controlling our kid’s Internet access, social network monitoring, productivity, habit tracking, mood tracking, symptom tracking, pet tracking, aging parent health tracking, pain tracking, medication tracking, etc.)

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Why can’t we have a single place for our life data (non-file) like the old filing cabinet?
  • Why can’t we track our lives like an IT infrastructure with technology similar to a Splunk SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)?

Now, Jim is aspiring to offer a super-app used by millions.

Jim is building something that helps people recover and use their data for health, lifestyle, and monetization. This super-app combines functionality from note-taking apps, symptom and health trackers, weather apps, and so much more.

Instead of sticking with an “app for this” and an “app for that,” Jim and the team that he’s funded is building a new way to manage data for people rooted in a business model that serves the individual and as a non-profit to protect their interests. This new method of data stewardship is paving the path to something exciting.

A super-app that combines the tools from hundreds of others.

Enter, the Live Learn Innovate Foundation.

Jim founded the LLIF to host the software platform that has become the first nonprofit personal data aggregator. As a nonprofit, it protects data and transactions as donor-restricted assets, unique to LLIF and critical for the integrity of data stewardship over time. Now, the Best Life Health Diary mobile app and web app and are accessible to anyone who will benefit from improved data management.

Living data has more value than meets the eye. See the use cases yourself.

You could be up to this too.

Please consider working with us like other Cisco greats Yi XueSupreeth RaoNavindra YadavDave FramptonBrian GilbertKen MurrayJeff OstermillerJason Gmitter, and Dave Cronberger

Be part of the founding of a world first.

Be part of the mission to bring data value back to those who generate it. At the same time, be on your way to your best life.

Please help build this with Jim. Donate today.

Who we are

The Live Learn Innovate Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity that empowers software users to regain control of their personally generated health data, gain intuitive insights about their social data, learn the impact of their environment on health, and build a foundation of data analytics that empowers research, academics, and innovation in economic development.

Use cases for this secure, private data aggregation method appear everywhere, expanding to family care, community growth, agricultural planning, and many more things still unseen. Help us keep going by getting involved today.

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