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Best Life Health Diary Latest Version Update (2022.46.14)


  • Lots of squashed bugs.
  • Interface fixes for consistency and ease of use.

*NEW* Items

  • Add blood sugar level measurement entry and diary feed
  • Graph data selector specify “Select end date”
  • Handle the Android back button on Content Screen
  • Tag text color in dark mode is now easy to read
  • Updated the shopping spend and categories graph description
  • Heart rate graph y-axis shows BPM values
  • Can submit an edited entry if there are no changes
  • Content Valid URL warning in Content


  • Event entry explanation is repeated into the subsequent entry
  • Investigate environmental temperature inaccuracy
  • Event active save handler
  • Multiple graphs y-axis not auto-scaling
  • Deleting sleep data causes the sleep graph to go blank
  • Can not submit an edited entry if there are no changes
  • Cannot edit a rating explanation
  • Dashboard tile and tiny graph fixes
  • Media type buttons works only when icon is tapped
  • Content entry disappear when “Option” is edited for second time
  • Search clear/delete buttons function
  • Update the content add, edit, and feed
  • Blood units changes leads to “Something went wrong” error
  • Blood sugar unit conversion and boundary conditions
  • Selecting clock to change time drops user to bottom
  • Rating entry screen is not closed after saving
  • Events – Can’t add second custom event
  • Content – Wrong Save button behavior
  • Not possible to change date in Event
  • Web graph page crashes on a graph (likely Amazon spending categories)
  • Submitting note without any content/note
  • When tapping a previous day to add an entry, it adds to today instead of the tapped day
  • Keyboard blocking explanation/bottom of screens
  • Disable movement graph: Movement graph erroring
  • Ensure push notification unlink happens before logout
  • Diary Entry Screens – Dark mode Save button is not visible as gray or black.
  • TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘t[“activities-heart”]’)
  • Release – Test fixes
  • Body temperature GET endpoint returns HTTP 500
  • Latest data summary endpoint is off by 20 minutes in the past
  • Sleep loader does not work correctly
  • Google fit sleep is inaccurate
  • Add Amazon Alexa Authorizer for API auth endpoints
  • Get OAuth linked accounts returns HTTP 500
  • Deletion of data does not work for specified providers
  • Incorrect email validation and test email lists
  • Total steps duration fails to calculate
  • Migrate data to honor new value limits
  • Fetching notification does not work, throws 500
  • POST Location endpoint throws a warning
  • File Upload fails for Google takeout
  • Location history endpoint improper return
  • Mobile loading endpoints sends HTTP 202 for invalid request body
  • Validate proper response from the database when updating a document
  • Add missing migration command on dev
  • After update of docker desktop environment stopped working properly
  • Changing content rating causes content entry to disappear
  • BE deployment fails AfterInstall event
  • Timezone check for time_lte and time_gte throws 500
  • Unhandled exception in PATCH endpoint on invalid request
  • Metadata tags input allows empty arrays
  • Alexa fails from app after disabling and re-authenticating
  • Delete by filter endpoint returns 500
  • iOS deployment pipeline fails in Fastlane for TestFlight deployment
  • App deployment and test pipeline not working

*FOR TECHIES* Who like to see behind the curtain

  • Add content testID and accessibility props
  • Notifications – Investigate local notifications for ratings and alerts
  • Update Frontend (Expo primarily)
  • Convert all diary modals to screens
  • Android core and dependencies upgrade
  • Implement Sentry for Mobile React Native
  • Turn on notifications on login
  • Attempting to remove more RCTAppState Listeners than added
  • 404 Fetching source from bundler
  • Fitbit connection error
  • Google Place objects not being POSTed
  • Review schema, create index and create endpoints for blood sugar level
  • Update user migrations and seeding, add testing users
  • Update loading and fetching process to new provider (metadata) schema
  • Terraform – investigation
  • Creating a backlog of tasks from the QA perspective
  • Provision E2E tests mac runner
  • Update the web activity index and endpoints
  • Enforce schemas string lengths and input ranges
  • Trend LLIF Extension fix
  • Create Diary v2 Index
  • Automate e2e tests
  • Implement Sentry for backend services (FastAPI)
  • Migrate events v2 endpoints
  • Set up sentry logging for lambdas
  • OAuth linked accounts endpoint should renew the access token if it almost expired
  • Restrict connecting another account if one is already connected
  • OpenSearch migration runner
  • User-friendly pedantic config parser
  • Diary notes tags migration
  • Run migration for the metadata schema update
  • Update the API contract to support adding metadata fields

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The Live Learn Innovate Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity that empowers software users to regain control of their personally generated health data, gain intuitive insights about their social data, learn the impact of their environment on health, and build a foundation of data analytics that empowers research, academics, and innovation in economic development.

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