Hold Your Data

As was mentioned in the Live Learn Innovate Foundation (LLIF) blog, data equality starts with data possession.  We will help people reclaim and possess their data. By possessing your data, our members will better understand what data is being collected and who is collecting it.  When you become an LLIF member of our non-profit service, you will be able to automate your cloud data backup (and/or removal), analyze/visualize your data, and migrate your data from one vendor’s device/cloud to another.  LLIF will be your de facto backup in the event your cloud provider or device vendor goes bankrupt, is impacted by ransomware, or is acquired by a company with potentially undesirable intentions as recently occurred with Ancestry.com.  When it comes to our data, cloud providers may be compared to the car rental companies from Seinfeld. They are good at taking our data but not that great at holding our data.

Like Wikipedia, LLIF is a non-profit without motivation to profit from your data. Our goal is to not just be a free service but to enable our members to opt-in to profiting from their data. We will provide safe and secure backup without storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We will provide unique personal insights while allowing members to opt-in to anonymously sharing their data to enhance community insights. Below, we’ll maintain basic instructions on how to takeout your data from each cloud with guidance on the data that LLIF will likely support.  Infographic Journal offers a good source of which cloud provider is collecting what data. As busy as the chart appears, it doesn’t even include non-cloud sources like your mobile phone carrier.

If you are interested in contributing time or money to the LLIF effort, please reach out.



Google is primarily a productivity cloud that collects data to target ads as part of providing their productivity services.  They provide a consolidated interface to “Takeout” data from all their services but be careful because if you grab it all, you will get every photo, video, etc. that you’ve ever uploaded and that may be more than you expect. Please go here for Google data and select Fit, My Activity, and Location History (optional) for use in LLIF.


Microsoft is primarily a productivity cloud that collects data through enterprises and consumers. They provide a primary website to both view and download your personal data by Apps & services, Voice, Search, Browse, Media, and Locations.

Retail Media


Amazon is primarily a shopping e-commerce cloud. They do not provide a consolidated interface to download your data. Please use the following locations:


Target is a large retailer and like other retailers collects information about our shopping. Please go here to request your Target information if you are in California.



Netflix is an entertainment cloud. Please go here to get your viewing history.


Spotify is a music entertainment cloud. Please go here to get your viewing history.



Fitbit is started out as an activity tracker but has since added heart rate, sleep, and other valuable data. Please visit Fitbit community for instructions which will take you to Fitbit Data Export.

Social Network


FaceBook is primarily a consumer social network cloud. They provide a consolidated interface to download your data for their many services. Please go here for FaceBook data. You can select specific types of data. We do not yet ingest from FaceBook.


Whatsapp, a subsidiary of FaceBook, is a social network messaging cloud. Please go here to download your data.


LinkedIn is a business social network media cloud. Please go here to select which LinkedIn data to download. We do not yet ingest from LinkedIn.



Apple is more of a device company than a cloud company. Much of the data is stored locally on their device. You can install Google services to grab data off the Applie device and push to the Google cloud for us to consume through Google Takeout. Please go here for Apple data.


Samsung is one of the most common device manufacturers providing software services that enhance the Android experience around voice assistant, fitness tracking, security, and more. Please go here for Samsung data.


Tesla is an Electric Vehicle EV manufacturer that can be compared to a robot on wheels. Like any robot, Tesla vehicles are collecting data continuously on the car and the driver owner. Please go here to request your Tesla data.



Verizon is a communications company that collects information on our phone interactions including calls, texts, data, addresses, etc. Please go here to request your Verizon data.

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