Are you interested in solving personal and community wellness challenges, fostering global innovation, promoting productive use of data, and enabling more informed decision making?  If so, join the LIFF movement to create benefit from our digital lives! If so, join the LIFF (life) movement to take back control of our digital lives! LLIF has been a dream of mine starting in 2015 when I tried to find the root cause for my son’s migraine headaches. In parallel, my sister experienced seemingly random ailments (intestinal, skin, sleep, etc.) that impacted her quality of life for decades. Eventually, after wasted time and money and medications, a doctor suggested she ‘try’ not eating wheat. Many other friends and loved ones experience health puzzles including MS, RLS, chronic Lyme, etc. In March 2020, my mother went into the hospital for fever, mild congestion, and a recently developed bulge in her stomach after having visited her primary doctor for her annual checkup just 7 days before. She was profiled and put into the COVID wing. After many scans and tests, she was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer. She’d been to the hospital in summer 2019 with the same symptoms. The hospital treated the symptoms and sent her home. I now see through her experience that data is our only chance to see what we cannot yet see or feel otherwise. Data was the only chance we had to be proactive before reacting to fever and a visible stomach bulge. Even a doctor’s visit won’t help if the symptoms haven’t surfaced. I’d like you to join us to provide earlier detection of conditions before they are obvious or even if they are then figure out what triggers them. If you would like to contribute to our cause, please reach out for any of the following reasons and follow us on social media.

  • Ideas for data variables that should be collected
  • Relevant instruments and sensors to collect data
  • Questions of the data that you’d be interested in answering
  • Ailments that require additional data correlations to improve detection and outcomes
  • Desire to define the requirements
  • Desire to contribute code
  • Identify or be a source of funding
  • Request to receive a copy of the Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF Form 1023, Form 990, governing documents, conflict of interest policy, or financial statements.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Live Learn Innovate Foundation

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Aggregate data to baseline and improve individual and community wellness

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Leverage aggregated data to foster global innovation

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Create a sustainable not for profit data marketplace rooted in individual control

Let’s build something together.