Are you interested in helping people at a personal and global scale? What if through data, individuals could make 1% better decisions on their personal health every year for 50 years? If that 1% were applied to a personal savings account of $100, that would be 64% more or $164. What if that 1% improved was then applied to a million people. It would be $64 million. Then, what if you learn something about yourself because you’re like someone else that already learned it? The personal and global benefit of data analytics is enormous if only we fix the problem of data scarcity. If you’d like to have this level of impact, please join the LIFF effort and transform the data economy into the insight economy. We’re looking for employees, volunteers, and donors.

  • Ideas for interesting and relevant data types
  • Identify promising instruments and sensors
  • Submit questions that you think data would would help answer
  • Become an alpha tester to troubleshoot your or a loved one’s ailments
  • Help us define requirements or build the platform
  • Promote us on social media
  • Identify or become a source of funding
  • Request to receive a copy of the Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF Form 1023, Form 990, governing documents, conflict of interest policy, or financial statements.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Live Learn Innovate Foundation

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Gater data to baseline and improve individual and community wellness

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Leverage aggregated data to foster global innovation

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Let’s build something together.