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Best Life Health Diary Latest Version Update (2022.15.18)


  • Improve clickability of some aspects like selected chips and filter drawers.
  • Update graphic elements to display the entry’s state more clearly, like empty stress ratings.
  • Prevent invalid manual measurement submissions, because if your body temperature is thirty degrees Fahrenheit you are not writing in your diary.
  • Add the ability to change from metric to imperial measurement units, and see it reflected throughout the software.

*NEW* Features

  • New preferences for units of measurement.
  • Everything gets an explanation! Ratings get one! Events get one! Everything!

*BUFFED* Features

  • Nice, things are automatically syncing now.
  • Click things and feel the improved response accuracy!
  • Wow! You can plainly see those mood buddies shine.
  • Ha! You can’t actually have zero blood pressure, nice try.
  • This weather data is really fast!
  • Thank goodness I don’t have to keep logging in.
  • We don’t talk about timezones in the morning meetings anymore…

*UPCOMING* Features

  • AUTOMATED SYNC with Fitbit! This is massively exciting for many users.
  • Enhanced connection management.
  • Multiple sync devices.
  • Alexa voice support.
  • In-app and OS notifications.
  • Diary event types with additional details.
  • Diary event groups that are also events.
  • Select event correlations against all data.
  • Plans with reminders, notifications, alerts, and more.
  • Group and family sharing is caring ❤️


This will sound crazy as a new mobile app, but we had a few bugs to sprint towards and smush. 

  • Fixed when dashboard tiny graphs show “No Data” for the date field.
  • Fixed when Rating entries are auto-filled from prior entry.
  • Fixed the auto light/dark mode settings.

*FOR TECHIES* Who like to see behind the curtain

  • Define data types for Fitbit and complete the authentication workflow.
  • Migrate the Netflix file parser to write to Web Activity.
  • Timezone libraries update and logic improvements.

Review us and share with friends. Contribute to the mission to bring data independence back to people! 

Thanks for helping us make our app great! If you have any ideas on how we can improve our software, please join our social channels and share your ideas @lliforg or email us at [email protected].

Who we are

The Live Learn Innovate Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity that empowers software users to regain control of their personally generated health data, gain intuitive insights about their social data, learn the impact of their environment on health, and build a foundation of data analytics that empowers research, academics, and innovation in economic development.

Use cases for this secure, private data aggregation method appear everywhere, expanding to family care, community growth, agricultural planning, and many more things still unseen. Help us keep going by getting involved today.

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