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Best Life Health Diary Latest Version Update (2022.35.18)


  • Lots of squashed bugs.
  • Interface fixes for consistency and ease of use.
  • Laid some foundational work for glucose monitoring features.

*NEW* Items

  • If you are not on the most recent version, you will see a “new app update” notification when opening the app.
  • Added the ability to add Content entries to the Diary.
  • Removed the ability to delete data based on provider Amazon Alexa.
  • Added intraday data syncing features for Fitbit.
  • Added Pulse Oxygen entries visually to the Diary.
  • Revised the onboarding slides. (Did you know you can redo onboarding any time within Settings by tapping your profile block?)
  • Started the data infrastructure for Glucose Monitoring.


  • Fixed a warning when adding Event or Tag.
  • The text filter in the search and filter drawer is now persistent.
  • The search and filter drawer interacts more seamlessly with the infinite Diary feed.
  • Options in “data deletion” no longer move when a section is selected.
  • Data accuracy fixes for Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health Kit integrations.
  • Various units of measurement display fixes.
  • Various graph crash fixes for individual graphs that rely on synced data.
  • Visibility fixes to improve accessibility when using light and dark modes.

*FOR TECHIES* Who like to see behind the curtain

  • Terraform investigation.
  • Fix the latest data summary endpoint is off by 20 minutes in the past.
  • Update loading and fetching process to new provider (metadata) schema.
  • Review schema, create indexes, and create endpoints for blood sugar levels.
  • Update user migrations and seeding, and add testing users.
  • Add Amazon Alexa Authorizer for API auth endpoints.
  • Update the web activity index and endpoints.
  • OAuth linked accounts GET endpoint returns HTTP 500.
  • Body temperature GET endpoint returns HTTP 500.
  • Migrate data to honor new value limits.
  • Provision and automate E2E tests.
  • Trend LLIF Extension fix.

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Who we are

The Live Learn Innovate Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity that empowers software users to regain control of their personally generated health data, gain intuitive insights about their social data, learn the impact of their environment on health, and build a foundation of data analytics that empowers research, academics, and innovation in economic development.

Use cases for this secure, private method of data aggregation appear everywhere, expanding to family care, community growth, agricultural planning, and many more things still unseen. Help us keep going by getting involved today.

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