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Recommendations To Remotely Monitor Loved Ones

To get started with remote monitoring, you simply need a decent tracker, a mobile phone with a plan or an inexpensive Android tablet with wifi Internet access, and an Amazon Echo. If your loved one suffers from arthritis, you may want to include an elastic watch band. Below is essentially the kit used by Mary and Esther. We are experimenting with a wifi thermometer.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker ~ $90The Fitbit Inspire 2 and other similar Fitbit products offer data access through API and historical download. They monitor the primary metrics of heart, steps, and sleep.Amazon
Scrunchies Compatible with Fitbit Inspire 2 ~ $12For anyone with arthritis, you’ll likely need an elastic band for your tracker. The dexterity require to manage small clips is difficult for any of us. We have been quite surprised at how well the elastic bands have worked.Amazon
Echo Show 5 — Smart display with Alexa ~ $65The Amazon echo show allows you to have video calls as well as log symptoms or events. A less expensive Echo will do.Amazon
Inexpensive Android Tablet (Optional) ~ $63Most people will have a mobile phone so will not need a tablet. The primary function of the tablet is to connect the tracker using Bluetooth to the Internet Wifi without a carrier plan.Amazon
Withings Thermo – smart Temporal Thermometer ~ $99Withings has a great cloud API but we’re having trouble training caregivers to use it reliably.Amazon

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Use cases for this secure, private data aggregation method appear everywhere, expanding to family care, community growth, agricultural planning, and many more things still unseen. Help us keep going by getting involved today.

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