Data Equality Starts With Possession

One of the many benefits of the Live Learn Innovate Foundation LLIF platform is to reveal, gather, analyze, and learn from our data.  LLIF believes the old adage that possession is 9/10s of the law, holds true with data.  Data ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not.  We believe the first step to us owning our data is us possessing our data.  

On the topic of data ownership, who better to talk about how our data is collected, where it is stored, and how it is used than Edward Snowden?  It was enlightening and validating to listen to Snowden’s interview with Joe Rogan specifically the segment on, How Your Cell Phone Spies on You.  Many comments were relevant to our efforts including Snowden’s view that “We need to make the activities of our devices, whether it’s a phone whether its a computer or whatever, more visible and understandable to the average person and then give them control over it.”  LLIF agrees and it is a fundamental goal of our efforts.  In addition, Snowden goes on to say that our data challenges are a result of a single problem and that problem is inequality of available information.  It seems like our data became a commodity before we understood what it was.  Now, it’s very difficult to pull the reins back. LLIF will help members achieve data equality by helping them possess their data.

That said, LLIF does not intend to stop companies from collecting data from their customers.  We will simply help members acquire, store, and maintain a copy of their data in a secure not for profit platform.  We will not attempt to profit from our member data beyond covering the costs of the platform.  A non-profit is owned by the people and cannot be sold or acquired.  When members choose to expose their data, LLIF will protect members by requiring 3rd party data consumers to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA) that protects our member’s data rights including limitations of use and distribution.

LLIF simply believes that we, the people, should understand the entirety of the data that is collected on us.  We believe that we should have the right to acquire and retain a copy of our data.  We believe that aggregating our data in one place will lead to personal insights not otherwise possible.  Lastly, we believe that our ability to controllably share our data with well intended groups (businesses, universities, domain experts, etc.) will achieve unimaginable personal and community insights.  LLIF will be publishing blog posts with details of where your data resides and how to acquire it prior to offering the platform that will automate the historical and real-time acquisition and storage of personal data.

Thanks for your time and effort in reading this article and any future interest and support.  We welcome your ideas, comments, and suggestions.  If you have any, please feel free to contact us.

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