What Does Google Collect?

There’s a funny story around my attempts to download Google data following Google’s instructions. I’ve been an Android user since I had a Blackberry. I had a 100 GB drive of which 50 GB was used. I started my download from Google instructing them to use my Google Drive. Google creates a Takeout directory with subfolders for each primary service. My Google Drive started generating errors at 99.8 GB and after a lot of time trying to clear stuff out of my Google drive, I opted to may an extra $10 per year to upgrade to 200 GB. I then watched that space disappear from the download until my Backup and Sync filled my MAC’s disk causing it to error. I then tried to free up space on my MAC to no avail. I finally excluded the Takeout folder from the Backup and Sync. Finally, I sync’ed the Google drive to my Synology NAS so I can work on the data at LAN speeds. I learned that you can be more selective in what you download. Within the Takeout folder, Google provides a local webpage to explore the data. It seems older service export as html and new services export as json.

Google TakeOut Local Web Archive Browser

It’s amazing to consider what’s collected on each and every one of us. This data is used to target relevant ads which is helpful. We get amazing services for free but providing Google the data to know us and target ads to us.

  • /Android Device Configuration Service/Device-4499207395094976656.html
  • /Assistant Notes and Lists/Shopping list2019-03-01T10_35_07.458.csv
  • /Calendar/uid@gmail.com.ics
  • /Chrome/Autofill.json
  • /Chrome/Bookmarks.html
  • /Chrome/BrowserHistory.json
    • 179000 entries over 10 years
  • /Chrome/Dictionary.csv
  • /Chrome/Extensions.json
  • /Chrome/SearchEngines.json
  • /Chrome/SyncSettings.json
  • /Contacts/All Contacts/All Contacts.vcf
    • 1200 entries
  • /Fit/Activities/Running.tcx/2016-02-02T08_22_03-05_00_PT28M32.833S_Running.tcx
    • 469 entries over 4.25 years
  • /Fit/Activities/P90x/2016-02-06T17_00_34-05_00_PT55M_P90x.tcx
  • /Fit/Activities/Walking/2016-08-29T22_02_00-04_00_PT56M_Walking.tcx
    • 2799 entries over 4.25 years
  • /Fit/Activities/Hiking/2016-03-13T15_34_06-04_00_PT41M23.480S_Hiking.tcx
  • /Fit/Activities/Rowing/2016-04-24T12_34_59-04_00_PT1H13M27.498S_Rowing.tcx
  • /Fit/Activities/Biking/2016-06-11T12_42_42-04_00_PT1H22M30.587S_Biking.tcx
  • /Fit/Activities/.tcx/.tcx
    • 3404 total entries consuming 280 MB
  • /Fit/Daily Aggregations/2016-01-10.csv
  • /Fit/Daily Aggregations/Daily Summaries.csv
  • /Google Pay/My Activity/My Activity.html
  • /Google Pay/Transactions made on /transactions_617099437620.csv
  • /Google Play Books/%BookName/%BookName.html
  • /Google Play Movies _ TV/Watchlist.json
  • /Google Play Movies Music/Playlists/%Playlist/Metadata.csv
  • /Google Play Movies Music/Playlists/%Playlist/Tracks/%SongName.csv
  • /Google Play Store/Installs.json
  • /Google Play Store/Library.json
  • /Google Play Store/Order History.json
  • /Google Play Store/Purchase History.json
  • /Google Play Store/Reviews.json
  • /Google Play Store/Subscriptions.json
  • /Google Shopping/Orders/Orders.txt
  • /Groups/googlegroups.com/user data/
  • /Home App/
  • /Keep/%NoteName.html
  • /Location History/Semantic Location History/%Year/%Year_MONTH.json
    • 17056 entries in 69 MB
  • /Maps/My labeled places/Labeled places.json
  • /Maps (your places)/Reviews.json
  • /Maps (your places)/Saved Places.json
  • /My Activity/Ads/MyActivity.html
    • 13473 entries
  • /My Activity/Android/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Assistant/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Books/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Calendar/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Chrome/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Discover/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Drive/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Finance/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Gmail/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Analytics/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Apps/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Lens/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google News/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Pay/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Play Movies _ TV/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Play Music/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Google Play Store/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Help/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Image Search/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Maps/MyActivity.html
    • 66044 searches
  • /My Activity/News/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Search/MyActivity.html
    • 72976 searches
  • /My Activity/Shopping/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Sound Search/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Takeout/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Trips/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Video Search/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/Voice and Audio/MyActivity.html
  • /My Activity/YouTube/MyActivity.html
  • /Voice/*.html/- Missed – 2013-05-24T12_34_14Z.html
  • /YouTube and YouTube Music/history/search-history.html
    • 1163 searches
  • /YouTube and YouTube Music/history/watch-history.html
    • 6807 videos watched
  • /YouTube and YouTube Music/my-comments/my-comments.html
  • /YouTube and YouTube Music/playlists/all-playlists.json
  • /YouTube and YouTube Music/likes.json
  • /archive_browser.html

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